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Curiosity Media is all about the people who work here.

Loves to learn. Passionate about technology, education, entrepreneurship, fatherhood, and being able to skateboard to work.
Loves to travel. Enjoys spending time with family, likes to cook and gardening.
Avid learner of romance languages and enjoys spending time with his family.
Director of Content
Content guru, avid reader, and budding green thumb. Frequently found daydreaming about the beach or obsessing over the best dog in the world (¡Hola Casper!).
Principal Software Engineer
Loves to make things work, is really what it all comes down to.
Principal Software Engineer
Advocate for open source and transparency. Strong focus on delivering value.
Product Manager
Lover of the outdoors and all things edible. Never seen without Duke, German Shepherd extraordinaire and my other half.
Digital Content Editor
Weaknesses: Fluffy things, coffee, books, dance, left big toe. Strengths: Animagus, weather control, portmanteaux, weak syllable deletion.
Digital Content Operations Lead
Law-abiding lexicographer by day, word-slinging vigilante by night. Lover of languages, sick hip-hop beats, and reality cooking shows. Pablo Neruda is my spirit animal.
Principal Software Engineer
Loves cats, sports, games, food, music, Spanish, making stuff. Still looking to combine them all in a not gross way.
Senior UI Designer
Passionate about pixel perfect UI design. Huge DotA 2 fan.
Customer Happiness Champion
Currently in Mexico, trying to hide her Castilian accent to be more “chida” with the Chilangos. Still looking for the perfect location to open a gluten free café.
Senior Software Engineer
Fervent puzzler, aspiring cryptozoologist, desirous of a finite Erdős-Bacon number
People Operations Lead
Occupational Psychology grad, travel enthusiast, adventure-seeker, cyclist, and proud multipotentialite!
Associate Product Manager
Aspiring polyglot obsessed with road trips, high altitude, puppies, and big data.
Product Manager
Data junkie, food aficionado, sports fanatic. Lifelong pupil of understanding how people and ideas fit together in our world.
Software Engineer
Loves: building awesome things with code, corgis, anything food related and deciding which national park or travel destination to hit next.
Associate Product Manager
Competitive Irish dancer and obsessive crossword puzzler! Addicted to chocolate, running, novels, hiking, travel, and hot sauce.
Product Analytics Lead
Data Scientist with past lives as a middle school teacher and a Jungle Cruise Skipper at Disneyland. Penchant for board games, ice cream cake, and my bulldog Potato.
Software Engineer
Loves coffee, drawing, learning, and deterministic code.
Vince Campanale
Software Engineer
Nice and reasonable. Likes Tolkein and roasted cashews.
Pierce Tickle
Software Engineer
Loves climbing, food, and sleep (in that order). Other passions include: theater, Rubik’s cubes, and puppies.
Suzanne Ohlhausen
Engineering Manager
Software nerd who loves solving interesting problems, spending time with my family, and exploring the world.
Tori Costa
Digital Content Coordinator
An ambidextrous linguaphile with a knack for the zodiac. Loves music, travel, culture, and fitness.
Ira Quint
Software Engineer
Enjoys laughing really hard while doing improv comedy, salsa dancing, tinkering with bikes, speaking Spanish, and learning all things technology

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